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Detectable underground marking tapes provide for easy buried pipeline detection and identification of utility infrastructure.  Detectable tapes can protect against costly damage to underground pipelines.  The tape is 5 mils thick, which consist of aluminum foil encased between two layers of polyethylene plastic.  The foil is to be visible from both sides of the tape and no inks or print can extend to the edges of the tape.  All ink is laminated to protect the printed warning message.  Stock tapes are available in 2", 3", 6" and 12" and a variety of utility related colors and legends.  Wider widths can easily be manufactured for your special applications.  All tapes are manufactured in accordance with the APWA National Color Code.  

Recommended Burial Depths

Tape Width:        2"         3"        6"         12"

Burial Depth: 6"-18"  6"-28"   6"-36"    6"-45"

Download Product Spec Sheet

Download Line Sheet

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