Safety Tape

Our safety tapes are available in a 2 mil or 3 mil, 3-ply polyethylene. We stock a wide selection of these tapes.

Available legends
Police Line Do Not Cross
Fire Line Do Not Cross
Sheriffs Line Do Not Cross
Crime Scene Do Not Cross

Crime Scene Do Not Cross - Red
Police Line Do Not Cross/Linea De La Policia No Cruz

Our thick, 7 mil, reinforced barricade tape is strong enough to be used over and over.   It has reinforced woven fibers that make it ideal for long term applications. 

Available legends
Caution / Cuidado
Danger / Peligro

 Available sizes
3" x 500'‚Äč

Woven Barricade Tape

Barricade Tape

Reinforced Barricade Tape

Trinity Tape's barricade tape is manufactured from a 3-ply polyethylene co-extrusion process providing you with the most durable products available.  We stock a large inventory of our most popular tapes and any message can be custom printed to your specifications.  Professionals in the safety, construction, utilities, hardware, and other industries ask for our tapes by name.  

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Trinity's woven barricade tape is made out of polypropylene for a permanent or long lasting outdoor marking.

Available colors
Solid Red
Red with a black stripe
Yellow with a black stripe

Available sizes
2" x 150'     2" x 200'